Export Showcases

Oman Export Showcase

The EIC and UKTI bring you an excellent panel of speakers, including representatives from Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) who will detail their company’s project plans, procurement strategies and investment opportunities.  This is a unique opportunity to find out more about how your organisation can take advantage of the opportunities the country has to offer to UK companies.

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Saudi Arabia Export Showcase

Business opportunities for UK companies in Saudi Arabia are abundant as billions of pounds worth of investments are being planned for projects across the hydrocarbons sectors. Saudi Arabia is planning to develop a number of fields in order to offset production decline from older fields. Saudi Aramco will increase the production rate of the Khurais field as well as the Shaybah field.

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India Power Showcase

India is the world’s fourth largest energy consumer with 4.4% of global consumption. Demand is growing rapidly and it is predicted that the country will move up the rankings to third place by 2020. Development is taking place across the power sector in India with a focus on renewables and conventional power, not to mention their need for metering solutions, wireless technology provision and other technology to reduce distribution losses.

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Latin America Showcase

The EIC and UKTI bring you an excellent event including a panel of speakers who will detail their company’s project plans, procurement strategies, investment opportunities and experience of doing business in Latin American countries. With over 350 projects in the region this offers multiple opportunities for UK suppliers. UK supply chain assistance will be needed in country to meet their demand for products and services. 

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Azerbaijan Export Showcase

Learn about opportunities in the region from some of the major companies doing business there, as well as the logistical and practical details of operating in the Caspian Region. Due to a rapid rise in oil and gas revenues the country has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

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Indonesia Export Showcase

Indonesia is a key market amongst the ASEAN countries. With the highest gas reserves and the second highest oil reserves, after Vietnam, it plays an important role in providing for the energy needs of the region. The market is dominated by key International Oil Companies and a number of sizeable projects have seen movement recently. Come along and find out about the significant opportunities in the market from some of the key players within the industry.
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Iraq Power Showcase

More details about this Showcase will be available shortly. Please register your interest to receive further information or if you have a query or wish to make a booking by another method please contact the EIC directly.

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Mexico Showcase

Mexico is a crucial partner for the UK, by supporting Mexico’s efforts on energy sector reform concentrating on legislation, regulation, education, contract models, renewables, energy efficiency and nuclear issues there proves to be a great deal of opportunities available to UK companies.  
The EIC and UKTI bring you a panel of experienced speakers who will share their experience, plans and opportunities for working in the Mexican marke

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