Technical Workshops

The one-day Technical Workshops take the form of presentations at the premises of manufacturing companies, enabling attendees to gain hands-on experience of a wide range of equipment and products. The workshops cover classroom explanations of components, features, engineering, operation, maintenance, performance and testing, providing an opportunity for practical and interactive learning and site tours.

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Business & Management

Image of Business Meeting

Business & Management courses are available to new and experienced managers and other professionals. EIC Training provides a range of courses including legal topics and cultural awareness. Experienced industry instructors use role-play, case studies, scenarios, group discussion and assignments.

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In-House Training

In-house training involves bringing an instructor to a location of choice to deliver a customised training program for a group of employees. One of the main benefits for employers is the ability to control when the training takes place and scheduling it so that it minimises the impact on their business. Instructors are able to modify training material to meet individual business needs and focus on company issues to ensure the learning is relevant.

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Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews are one-day courses which provide an overview of a particular sector. Topics include Power; Subsea, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, LNG and Petrochemicals. These courses are delivered by instructors with considerable experience in the industry. The Industry Overviews are designed for those new to the industry or to a particular sector.

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Health, Safety & Environment Training

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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) courses provide guidance and direction on a range of HSE topics. This training will benefit those with a responsibility for compliance with UK and European legislation. There are a number of courses still under development and we expect to offer a broader range of HSE courses later in the year.

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